Welcome to the Inner Child Program!

A unique therapeutic program inspired by Eric Bern’s Transactional Analysis.


According to Eric Berne (renowned psychologist of the 20th century) thoughts, feelings and behaviours are closely linked together and he called this unity the “Ego State“. Berne noticed that the Ego State evolves according to the situation. For example, posture, voice, expression change from moment to moment. He realized that these changing manifestations were childlike, parental or adult and thus named these three Ego States: “Inner Child”, “Inner Parent” and “Inner Adult”.

An understanding of the dialogue between our 3 ego states allows us to ease tensions and internal conflicts.

More information on Eric Berne’s transactional analysis is available in the FAQ section down bellow!

??‍♀️ But what is this Inner Child Program?

It’s a dynamic and educative approach mixing therapy and coaching based on Eric Berne’s work with my own touch, including the latest neuroscience and cognitive researches!

Through concrete tools, the program will help you identifying the inner dialogue between your Inner Child, Inner parent, and Inner Adult, in order to  create more harmony within you.

You’ll be able to see how you internalize and perceive the world and how this makes you either enjoy it or see it as an eternal struggle.

Self-understanding is the first step of empowerment.

Art therapy, hypnosis and lucid dreaming are tools that can be used in sessions, as needed.

The Inner Child Program targets and addresses specific life issues within 12 sessions spread out on a weekly basis. It is available online, in person or a combination of both.

??‍♀️ To whom is it designed for?

For all those who feel in difficulty on a personal, professional and/or relational level and who wish to shed light on these different areas. But also for all people who want to know themselves better and to progress in their life.
The program is easily adaptable for couples as well as for children!

Go to the FAQ section down bellow for more info about that!

??‍♀️ How does it work?

The intention of the program is to be as close as possible to your personal needs. In this sense, we will build the program together starting from your initial request and constantly adapting to what comes up and happens during the sessions.

Here are some exemples of themes we can work on during sessions :

  • Meet your Inner Child, Parent and Adult
  • Learn how to parent yourself
  • Accept yourself and befriend your body
  • Identify your needs, fears and non-negociables
  • Set up your bounderies
  • Desitentify with your life story
  • Identify your inner toxic beliefs
  • Differentiate your deep personal values from the transmitted ones
  • Observ and transform your defensive mechanisms
  • Recognize your inner strength and beauty
  • Get more confidence and creativity into your projects
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • etc…

Like Anthony and Nanny embark into the Inner Child Program and let every aspect of yourself that don’t serve you go away.

Anthony, 28yo – from America.

Nanni, 36yo – from Germany

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