Extracts from therapy sessions

 Damn… I wish I could find THE way to finaly enjoy my life…

Yessss I feel you there. It would be so nice to just be at ease at all time and savor a blissful and aboundant life. And for this, maybe you tried 10 different meditation techniques, sign up to a yogi master class or got “The power of now” on your bedside table? So how come I still long for sparkle of hapiness after doing all that? You may wonder…

But if I may ask …

Did you feel it was okay to be yourselft as a child?

Did you have enough space to play and be silly?

Were you able to laugh out loud or scream?

Did you feel heard and supported?

Now, let’s see if you ever find yourself saying :


I'm so sick beeing me... I can't bare myself anymore!

Yes, this is normal you feel that if you had really strict or not loving parents/carrers. Or maybe you’ve been abandonned, felt rejected by them? Felt you were never enough?…


Is it just me or life really sucks ALL the time? / Life is too difficult...

Were you surrounded by depressed/victimizing parents/carrers? Then no wonder life doen’t seem so appealing to you or difficult.


Why do I never get what I want? Things seem so easy for others...

It’s normal to feel this way if you’ve received too many “no’s” and if your wishes were rarely heard in your childhood… Are you afraid of “no” or rejection if you dare to ask? Or failure if you get into a project?


Really?... Why am I doing this again?

Repetitive patterns are only rooted reactional mechanisms from childhood. It’s normal to have them. But you can reshape the toxic ones with the right tools and with some practice.


Why am I always the one left over? I feel constantly alone...

Absent or unaivailable parents/carrers, very restricted social life when you were a child… may lead you to this kind of feelings.


Why can't I feel anything... I don't wanna be that cold/rigid person anymore...

Parents/Carrers sometimes take away our feelings by minimizing them or just by ignoring/not listening to them. It’s fair then that you haven’t develop the capacity of feeling and even less expressing them!



Those are exemples of sentences that used to harass the people who come to consult me.

And maybe you recognized yourself in some of them?

Let me help you identifying what are the ones harassing you on a daily bases and shaping them into constructive thoughts!

Just like Elena, get more clarity, which will allow you to create a better balance in your life.

Elena, 44yo – from Spain.

Start big changes into your life.