Frequently Asked Questions

What can Inner Child Therapy help me with?

The Inner Child therapy help you identifying unhealthy behaviours and thoughts intoxicating your day. The program I offer will help you unleashing yourself from them.

Here are some exemples of themes we can work on during sessions :

  • Meet your Inner Child, Parent and Adult
  • Learn how to parent yourself
  • Accept yourself and befriend your body
  • Identify your needs, fears and non-negociables
  • Set up your bounderies
  • Desitentify with your life story
  • Identify your inner toxic beliefs
  • Differentiate your deep personal values from the transmitted ones
  • Observ and transform your defensive mechanisms
  • Recognize your inner strength and beauty
  • Activate your full creative potential to transcend your projects
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • etc…
How many sessions do I need to experience positive changes?

 Obviously it depends on your needs and your motivation!

For spotted life’s issues, it can take from 6 to 12 sessions. But I recommend to not hold on much on numbers. Self-development is a journey full of surprises that can lead to many paths. We are here to explore those differrent paths.

The good news it that your brain is a fast learner. Its plasticity (flexibility to rewire itself) is limitless.

Throughout your life, your brain produce what we call “neuronal connections”. In a more poetic way we could call that “the art of adaptation”. However it’s during the 6 first years of your life, that they develop in a phenomenal manner. It’s the way for the brain to understand and adapt to the world. Those neuronal connection create habits and reactional mechanisms in order to reduce the uncertainty of the constant changing environment. Some are healthy, other may be toxic overtime.

And so throughout childhood the brain build “neuronal roads” activating the same chain of neurones, while other neurones deactivate. As an adult, those neuronal roads became “highways” or “patterns” if you prefer. And that’s why you often feel trapped into repetitive behaviours, thought processing or emotional reactions.

According new studies in Neurosciences, it takes about 3 months to rewire old patterns into new ones. In that sense you can identify which “neuronal highways” are unhealthy for your daily life and develop, with guidance, new “neuronal roads” that soon will become great “highways” with some practice and consistency. 

The Inner Child program will benefit you in that sence. Weekly sessions will give you tools to build slowly but surely new healthy behaviours. That soon will be transformed into solid healthy foundations with practice and perseverance.

How long last a session?

A session by default is 1h. However you can extend by 30mns chunks. So you can book for 1h30, 2h, 2h30, 3h etc.

The price will change accordingly.


Is a brief therapy effective in the long-run?

You are many people asking that question. And it’s totaly fair to wonder how a short practice can affect positively on a long term!

But yes it does.

A brief therapy has the vocation to help you bringing self-awareness and psychological’s autonomy in an effective way. How? By treating core problems lying in the unconcious mind with concrete tools. Tools, such as: Art therapy, hypnosis and lucid dreaming practices, which are designed to reach your unconcious and bring into light what was hidden so far. Those are also great methods to tap into your own wisdom and intuition. With my guidance, we will navigate through those tools together. I’ll help building a strong self-confidence in order for you to rely on this precious assets.

Most of the traditional psychotherapies, tend to conclude on diagnosies from patient’s verbal and non-verbal communication or from eventual tests. Which, from my opinion, stays on a evaluative level. Diagnosis tend to categorize people to treat them accordingly.

Through brief therapy and furthermore with the Inner Child approach, you’ll understand that nothing is wrong with you. I will help you to find this sense of acceptance.

The Inner Child program, by its lengh (11 sessions), is considered as a brief therapy. However, you can also opt for booking as many single session as you need and for how long you want.

Is the Inner Child program suitable for children or couples?

 Yes it does!

For children the approach is different in few aspects. Because before verbal communication a child would rather express him/herself through corporal expression, games, drawings to apprehend its environment. A child is more into action than talking. So we use various games, drawings and even Sophrologie to allow the child to express him/herself and allow him/her to feel its emotions.

I worked with children in the past on various topic, such as : bringing more self-confidence, getting more expressive verbaly, improving self-esteem, or implementing more joy into their life…

Also, the program definitely fit for couples or any relationships in general (Family, work collegues…). As Transactional Analysis¹ (the approach I use into my program) is based on the inner dialogue between your Inner Child, Inner Parent and Inner-Adult, it is then easy to transpose and analyse the dialogues and toxic patterns occuring in an interaction between two people or more.

I help couples and work collegues, that has issues with communication and conflict management. I also help couples dealing with sexual frustration or blocages.

¹ See the following question to know more about Transactionnal Analysis!


What is the Transactional Analysis from Eric Berne?

Transactional analysis (TA) is before all a theory of the construction of the personnality. It can be used as a method of therapy, that allow a fine comprehension and diagnostic on how you adapted  to your environment in early childhood and how this adaptation created reactional patterns that still occure into your adulthood.  

Furthermore, he realized that – Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours – were tightly interconnected and called this unity the “Ego State”. 

He noticed that ego states are evolving according the situation. And so the posture, the voice, the expression are changing from moment to moment. He recognized that those changing manifestation were childlike, parentlike or adult-like.

So he ended naming those 3 distinct Ego States :

“Inner Child”, “Inner Parent” and “Inner Adult”.

  • In the Inner Child, you think, feel, and behave the way you did in your childhood. 
  • In the Inner Parent, you think and behave the way your caregivers and people of authority in your life did. From the earliest past to the present.
  • When you are in the Inner Adult, you behave logically, appropriately, and you respond to the here and now. You oriente yourself by questioning, explaining, processing datas, resolving problems, deciding what is best for you…

In addition, Berne believed in making a commitment to “curing” his patients, rather than just understanding them. To that end he introduced one of the most important aspect of TA : “the Contract“. An agreement entered into by both patient and therapist to pursue specific changes that the patient desires.


What is the difference between online therapy and in-person therapy?

They are both efficient in their own way. It depends mainly on the tools we use together. For self-analysis (psychanalyse), coaching, art therapy, and sophrology both online and In-person are equally effective.

However, from my own experience, I find Hypnosis working better In-person.

Online therapy can be helpful if you are not in town, travelling or not wishing to work in physical presence of the therapist (need that may be more present in those times of pandemic).


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