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Inner Child Therapy session


1 Inner Child Therapy session

Explore the world of Inner Child Therapy through on-demand sessions. In this session format, you decide when you come to work on yourself. At the beginning of each session, we will see what the needs are and where you are in the process of meeting your Inner Child and/or Inner Parent.


Available Online & In-Person*

Depending on the possibilities, we can attend the sessions either Online or In-person.


Duration : 1h to 1h15

Because exploring your inner self cannot be interrupted abruptly, the session leaves a 15 minute margin to end naturally.

50 EUR/session

* For the In-person sessions, meetings will follow striclty Covid’s recommendations.

Inner Child Program


11 sessions spread out on a weekly basis (including 1 offered).

The program is a succession of Inner Child Therapy sessions following a regular progression. During the first session we identify together your demand and then in every session, different exercises will allow to follow up the process you engaged in. It is a weekly accompaniment that allows you to meet and dialogue with your Inner Child, Parent and Adult and to evolve on the initial request.


Available Online & In-Person*

It can be done entirely Online, entirely In-Person or alterning both of them.


Duration : 11 weeks.

1 session (1h to 1h15) per week. Because exploring your inner self cannot be interrupted abruptly, each session leaves a 15 minute margin to end naturally.

550 EUR

500 EUR

* For the In-person sessions, meetings will follow striclty Covid’s recommendations.

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Like Anthony and Nanny embark into the Inner Child program and let every aspect of yourself that don’t serve you go away.

Anthony, 28yo – from America.

Nanni, 36yo – from Germany

Let me tell you a little story!

Imagine, early in the morning someone asking to an adult, a parent and a child, just waking up : “who wants to drive the car today?”

The child will probably be the first enthousiast to have a go. He will jump straight out of the bed to get onto the driver seat. The parent suddenly, worrying a little, jump out as well and grab the passenger seat to make sure everything will be alright. Then the adult, with a laid-back attitude, will eventually sit at the back of the car…

However, what happen when a child is sitting on a driver seat?…

Well, he/she is too small for that seat, so he/she will either be able to see the road but not able to reach the pedals and so the car won’t move… Or he/she will reach the pedals but won’t see the road! So the car may end up quickly on a ditch!

So instead of that scenario, it seems more cautious to gently ask the child to sit at the back where he belongs, let the parent be on the passenger seat as he/she can be a good copilot and make sure that the adult is the one driving the car! 

This story being told, I invite you now to realize how much we let our Inner Child driving the car and how little the adult is actually on the driver seat, on a regular bases! You can see how much this is true if you often feel stuck or going anywhere into your life.

And sometimes, some people feel it’s their Inner Parent that drive the car more often… In that case scenario, the car will effectively run. But maybe after checking 3 times that nothing has been forgoten in the house before leaving, after checking the alarm is on, after making sure that everyone went to the toilet etc… So the car trip will have some delay, just because it’s in a parent nature to verify everything is in order and secure.

 Once again, the Inner Adult is in the here and now, he’s the one proactive and taking the rational and coherent decisions. 

Life is an infinite world of possibilities when the right person is on the driver seat.

Befriend your Inner Child, Re-parent yourself and trust your Inner Adult and awesome things will start arise into your daily life ?

If you struggle understanding the concepts I’m talking about

David, 41yo – from France

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