Who am I?

Good question!

I feel like a being in constant evolution, who has had several lives in one. Maybe this feeling is familiar to you?

After the loss of both my parents and my sister at the age of 13, it was very difficult for me to define a sense of “Self”. Without a solid foundation such as family structure, it took me many years to feel like I belonged somewhere and to something again… I felt disconnected and wondered “what was the point of living”, until I made the decision to take action on my existence. At the age of 23, I started a journey around the world that lasted more than 7 years. It taught me to ground and love myself first and foremost and that’s how I (re)found myself. It became my priority. It was incredibly difficult, but ultimately very rewarding. Today, I am happy to feel that I am finally a unified person, who can truly assert herself in this beautiful and complex world.

Few events have radically impacted the course of my life, I would mainly remember two of them: meeting incredible people at the right time and going to therapy. Thanks to this, I gradually felt valued with a greater self-esteem. I began to ground and love myself with a lot of pride and indulgence. It was on this path that I met my wounded and traumatized Inner Child; I told her then that she would never be alone again.

That’s where I can help you today. With a degree in Psychology and trained as an Inner Child Therapist, I am here to guide you. I will be your faithful ally on this journey to meet your Inner Child. You are not alone ?

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